Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NET10 International Long Distance Update

This week, we're rolling out a few changes to our 30 day International Long Distance Plan offering and want to provide you with all the details.

It’s our primary goal to offer great plans at a low cost to our customers. In order to do so, we’re taking steps to manage the demand for calls to cell phones in Mexico. To improve the quality and reliability of our service to international destinations for our customers and to reduce network congestion, we will make the following changes to its 30 day International Service Plan, including plans or cards in the Reserve.

Effective May 1st , 2013 each 30 day plan will include:

  • 400 minutes for calls to cellular phones in Mexico
  • Customers will be permitted to call up to 15 unique international numbers  
  • International calls to landlines and cellular phones in Canada, China and India 

All items will be reset upon service renewal each month.  Unused minutes do not carry over.

For more information about these changes to our international calling plan, please review the Terms and Conditions of Service available at

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below.

--The Net10 Team


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