Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NET10 Battery Saving Tips

We’ve all experienced it - the dreaded low battery. It will strike at the most inopportune time and has the ability to throw off your day.  Don’t you worry – to cut down on these occurrences; we’ve gone ahead and pulled together five easy and effective tips that will keep you in the green.  Learn them, commit them to memory and you’ll never be running on empty.

Use the tips below so you'll never have to see this again.

1    1.       Turn off your phone

      Not using your cell phone? Just turn it off! This is a simple way to conserve battery life. Ideal times to do this would be at right before you go to bed or after business hours. Also, if you usually find yourself in an area with little to no reception (i.e. in a subway station or remote area), be sure to power down.
2    2.       Follow the full charge, full discharge method

      Don’t charge your cell phone intermittently throughout the day! Wait until you’re it’s about to die and then charge it. It’s very important to let it charge to 100 percent. Be sure to do this on a daily basis.
3    3.       Switch from vibrate to ring tone

      Did you know the vibrate function uses additional battery power? Try turning your ring tone volume as low as possible instead of resorting to vibrate.
4    4.       Avoid using unnecessary apps
      Know that you’re running low on juice or it will be a while until your next charge? Avoid browsing the web, using the camera or playing a game.
5    5.       Keep those calls short and sweet
      Yes- this is an obvious, but very affective tip! Sure, it will take some time convincing friends and family that you’re keeping calls short to save battery life (WARNING: this will come off like an excuse to end a call early), but you’ll be amazed at how long you’ll prolong your battery life. 


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