Monday, November 12, 2012

NET10 Family Plans: Better for Everyone

NET10 goodness, no matter how big or small your circle of friends and family.
Now, you can buy a Service Time Card for monthly unlimited calls, texts and data with two, three, or four phones included. See the savings:
  • Two Person Service Plan: $90
  • Three Person Service Plan: $130
  • Four Person Service Plan: $170

 That’s a savings of up to $30 per month.
We give you the best networks, at an affordable price, without having to sign a contract. Most importantly, we give you the tools to stay in touch with those who are important to you.
So whether you want to share the savings with your pals or your parents, we’ll give you a deal too good to pass up.

Available now at participating retailers.

NET10, better for everyone.


Mark Simmers said...

I purchased 2 phones from Best Buy and was told to activate them at home to get the $40 second line. I activated them at home and only the $50 plans were available. How can I get the $40 second phone rate?

Clare White said...

You either have to do it online to get this rate or buy the cards from a store that are for the family plan.

Rickey Takach said...

they lie to u just like they did to me they took money off my debit card the last 2 months and was suppose to make everything right and still hav;nt done it my advice would be return the phones and go with a new comp

Rickey Takach said...

they have done nothing 4 me they said they would

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