Monday, March 7, 2011

Upgrade to Prepaid

If you have a contract to use a cell phone, chances are, you're overpaying.

In fact, most people are paying extra for things they never use, plus things they don't want or need -- like hidden charges, roaming fees and more.

Why not upgrade your phone yourself without paying extra or signing a one-sided two-year contract?

With NET10, you can choose a nice phone with Bluetooth®, Internet, email, texting and more for a good price and no contract. Then, add service as you need it, with several easy options. Pay up front for what you want; what you need. No contract, bills or surprises.

You can even get an UNLIMITED plan for only $50 a month. Or 750 minutes for only $25.

There are several bundles available that include phones and service, too.

Upgrade to prepaid with NET10.


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