Wednesday, March 16, 2011

QWERTY for Texting

These days, it seems like everyone is texting. In fact, many people admit that they text more often than they talk.

NET10 is here to make it easier for you if you like to text, too.

QWERTY phones with keypads laid out like miniature computer keyboards are perfect for texting with speed and accuracy.

Fortunately, NET10 offers several QWERTY phones, so if you want to text, you can choose from great phones from LG and Samsung, and 750 Minutes or UNLIMITED 30 Day Cards to text (and talk) to your heart's content.


americarole said...

I never could get used to texting on a number pad. That's why after my first phone all my other phones have had that keyboard style feature. I'm currently using the LG900 under net10s unlimited plan which means I can text as much and as comfortably as I want AND i save money doing it.

Edwin said...

I just got one of these LG900g's and its a really nice phone, especially considering how cheap it was. More than anything I'm enjoying the few extra features and the full keypad. I wouldn't have guessed it before but I find it so much easier texting with it, I'm not sure I could go back. Finally a smartphone on Net10, why would I ever change now?

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