Friday, March 11, 2011

NET10 gives you choices

NET10 is all about choices.

You choose your phone; get all the features you want and avoid the ones you don't need. Choose from a very nice selection and price range.

Then you choose which type of service you want; the "traditional Pay As You Go" with minutes that carry over, or 30 Day Monthly Plans: $50 for Unlimited talk, text, web, email and calls to 411 for $50 or 750 minutes of talk, text, web, email and calls to 411 for $25.

Never a contract, never a bill. Add more Airtime when you want to.

Choice is good!


c said...

How does the unlimited card work? Can I buy the unlimited card, then buy the 750 minute card, then buy the unlimited one again, or am I stuck with the unlimited one?
It's contract-free, so I can switch card to card if I want, right???

Postmaster said...

Hi c. You can switch back and forth between the two. No problem. Thanks.

c said...

So can I switch from the 300 minute card to the unlimited one, or am I stuck with the monthly plan ones once I use a monthly plan card?

Postmaster said...

Yes, you can switch between the two, c. Your minutes will not carry over, however.

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