Thursday, March 24, 2011


Change is good. In fact, it's inevitable.

We change our minds, for example, when new facts become known. That's a good thing! Being rigid and stuck is not.

NET10 provides a lot of flexibility. More, in fact, than the other guys — the ones who make you sign a contract to use a phone.

With a contract, every time you want to change something, what do they make you do?

Extend your contract. You're stuck — deeper!

That's not being flexible, is it?

With NET10, if you want a new phone, you just buy a new phone. No big deal.

You want to use NET10's Pay As You Go cards for Days of Service and Airtime? No problem.

Switch to 30 Day Monthly Plans? Unlimited. 750 Minutes. Go ahead. You have the flexibility to make the changes that fit your budget, your lifestyle and your needs.

Real flexibility. With no contract. No bills. Ever.

That's NET10.

Real flexibility.


Tristan said...

This is exactly why I'm on prepaid and why I've always loved being on Net10. Not only do they advertise flexibility, but it really is. You pay for what you need, which can change each month, and then you just adapt your minutes as you need. Its easy to forget just how bad being on a contract was, I'll never go back!

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