Monday, March 14, 2011

Dump your contract!

You may not even have to "break" your contract to get out of it. You may be "out of contract" and can switch without penalty, or, at worst, pay your penalty and move up to NET10.

The fact is, you'll be saving so much, that whatever you have to pay to get out of your contact -- if anything -- will be quickly offset by the savings from using NET10.

It's prepaid, so no bills, contracts, roaming fees or extra charges.

And the phone selection is quite nice too: QWERTY keyboards, Bluetooth®, camera phones and more.

Upgrade your phone service. Dump your contract. Get NET10.


justhom85 said...

Okay wait... maybe I just suck at math, but in the long run wouldn't I save more if I just let my contract expire, don't pay the cancellation fee and then get myself net10? Or is it the same? Gah! Now I'm confused! Whatever I'll just get the net10.

Postmaster said...

justhom85: Sure! You can do that too. Thanks.

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