Thursday, March 24, 2011


Change is good. In fact, it's inevitable.

We change our minds, for example, when new facts become known. That's a good thing! Being rigid and stuck is not.

NET10 provides a lot of flexibility. More, in fact, than the other guys — the ones who make you sign a contract to use a phone.

With a contract, every time you want to change something, what do they make you do?

Extend your contract. You're stuck — deeper!

That's not being flexible, is it?

With NET10, if you want a new phone, you just buy a new phone. No big deal.

You want to use NET10's Pay As You Go cards for Days of Service and Airtime? No problem.

Switch to 30 Day Monthly Plans? Unlimited. 750 Minutes. Go ahead. You have the flexibility to make the changes that fit your budget, your lifestyle and your needs.

Real flexibility. With no contract. No bills. Ever.

That's NET10.

Real flexibility.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

QWERTY for Texting

These days, it seems like everyone is texting. In fact, many people admit that they text more often than they talk.

NET10 is here to make it easier for you if you like to text, too.

QWERTY phones with keypads laid out like miniature computer keyboards are perfect for texting with speed and accuracy.

Fortunately, NET10 offers several QWERTY phones, so if you want to text, you can choose from great phones from LG and Samsung, and 750 Minutes or UNLIMITED 30 Day Cards to text (and talk) to your heart's content.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dump your contract!

You may not even have to "break" your contract to get out of it. You may be "out of contract" and can switch without penalty, or, at worst, pay your penalty and move up to NET10.

The fact is, you'll be saving so much, that whatever you have to pay to get out of your contact -- if anything -- will be quickly offset by the savings from using NET10.

It's prepaid, so no bills, contracts, roaming fees or extra charges.

And the phone selection is quite nice too: QWERTY keyboards, Bluetooth®, camera phones and more.

Upgrade your phone service. Dump your contract. Get NET10.

Friday, March 11, 2011

NET10 gives you choices

NET10 is all about choices.

You choose your phone; get all the features you want and avoid the ones you don't need. Choose from a very nice selection and price range.

Then you choose which type of service you want; the "traditional Pay As You Go" with minutes that carry over, or 30 Day Monthly Plans: $50 for Unlimited talk, text, web, email and calls to 411 for $50 or 750 minutes of talk, text, web, email and calls to 411 for $25.

Never a contract, never a bill. Add more Airtime when you want to.

Choice is good!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing the Samsung T404G

Like to talk? Like to text? Like to use your phone as a camera and video recorder?

You'll LOVE the new Samsung T404G from NET10.

It's sleek and lightweight, and fits nicely in your hand. The qwerty keyboard is perfect for texting, too!

  • Slider QWERTY Keyboard
  • Mobile Web, MP3 Player*
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder
  • Bluetooth® Wireless
  • Technology MMS Picture Messaging /T3, Phonebook with up to 1000 Entries, Includes Polyphonic Ringtones.
*cable and microSD card not included

Monday, March 7, 2011

Upgrade to Prepaid

If you have a contract to use a cell phone, chances are, you're overpaying.

In fact, most people are paying extra for things they never use, plus things they don't want or need -- like hidden charges, roaming fees and more.

Why not upgrade your phone yourself without paying extra or signing a one-sided two-year contract?

With NET10, you can choose a nice phone with Bluetooth®, Internet, email, texting and more for a good price and no contract. Then, add service as you need it, with several easy options. Pay up front for what you want; what you need. No contract, bills or surprises.

You can even get an UNLIMITED plan for only $50 a month. Or 750 minutes for only $25.

There are several bundles available that include phones and service, too.

Upgrade to prepaid with NET10.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Samsung T201G

* Reconditioned
* FREE Accessory Kit
* Includes NET10 750 Minute Airtime Card (Talk, Text, Web/Email, 411 / 30 Access Days) ($25 value)
* Compact Flip Phone
* Built-in hands free speaker phone
* External Caller ID
* Buy Ringtones and more using Airtime Minutes

Limited time offer. While supplies last. Phone is reconditioned.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LG231C Compact Camera Phone