Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talk to us

Thanks for visiting the NET10 Blog. We're glad you're here. Please browse and click through any items of interest.

If you leave a comment, we promise to read it. We try to post things of interest to the widest possible audience, though we can't answer every question or respond to every statement.

In the rare case that you have a technical issue, please contact customer service. If they're unable to resolve it, please refer to the comments section of this post for your next step.

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TRACFONE said...

Technical issues? Please contact customer service first at 1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368). They will endeavor to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

If your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, please send e-mail to SuperCSR Elston: ELombillo@tracfone.com for assistance.

Randy said...

Your customer service is a Joke, I have called about 6 times in the past 4 days to try and resolve problems with my voice mail on 2 phones that I just actived with net 10. First your support people do not speak proper english, they are hard to understand and after talking with them I it very clear that they are just reading a script. After spending an hour the other night with I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was transfered to a hold queue that never was answered. If I knew your customewr service/tech support was this bad I would have never moved my phone numbers to net10.

TRACFONE said...

Randy: if "regular" customer service is not meeting your needs, send e-mail to SuperCSR Elston: ELombillo@tracfone.com for assistance with your issues.

dawn said...

Really like my Net10 service. No problems that weren't resolved quickly. I would like to suggest that you make the amount of minutes left on a phone viewable on the web account. It would help me keep my husband from forgetting to let me know he is low on minutes so he won't run out. Thanks.

hrsides@gmail.com said...

I am considering your unlimited plan. What I need to have clarified is what Unlimited Nationwide means. Specifically, am I limited to service only from where I activate the service and have to pay roaming charges when I am not in my area? Or does this mean true nationwide connection with no roaming fees?

Postmaster said...

Hi hrsides@gmail.com. No roaming fees. Nationwide unlimited. Thanks.

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