Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How much do YOU pay?

If you're not using NET10, you're paying too much.

Take a look at your last phone bill. Divide the amount you paid by the number of minutes you used.

Surprised? That's a lot of money!

With NET10, call anywhere, anytime for only 10¢ per minute. Text messaging is only 5¢ a message.

Why pay more than that?

Click here to get NET10.


Alistair said...

True true true! Before I was on net10 I was on gophone and i was spending $30 more a month... Net10 really is the best option and they have amazing coverage!

Megan said...

I like that with Net10, the plan is easy to understand and there's no hidden fee. There's also a nice selection of phone. Even their basic phone that costs $29.99 is nice and practically free since all Net10 phone comes with 300 min. and 2 month of service upon activiation!

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