Thursday, November 12, 2009

Net10 Samsung R451C

If you're a mega-texter, you might be in danger of developing muscular thumbs!

Help is on the way: The new Net10 Samsung R451C.

Its QWERTY keyboard is like a miniature computer keyboard. The screen goes into horizontal mode, which makes it super-convenient. And it includes a traditional numeric touch pad, so if you just want to talk on the phone... no problem!

To find out if the new Net10 Samsung R451C is available in your area, click here.

PS. If it isn't, consider the Samsung T401G instead.

Click here to purchase.


Tara said...

What's the difference between this one (R451c) and the T401g? I purchased the R451g, but am debating whether or not to return it for the other. I understand ones a c and ones a g, does one get better reception in rural areas or something? I know the T401g has a video recorder and the R451c doesn't. Is it worth it for me to exchange it?

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